Old Commercial Accounts Director

Application for Commercial Accounts Director Position

Welcome!  If after reading the details below you are still interested in this position, the best way to get into the running (or to find out more information) is to fill out the form below.  If you would like more information, or have specific questions, there is space in the form below to communicate these to our career development team.


  • experienced in commercial
  • totally honest
  • easy to get along with — not a lot of drama, etc.
  • driven and confident
  • good with people — (will be closing deal)
  • wants to make more money
  • wants more flexibility
  • is NOT the kind of person that just keeps her(his) nose down — but has the courage to want more for herself (himself) and is a natural leader that like to get in and make things happen; a go-getter!


  • Competitive Salary for Servicing Existing Book (automatically raises with the book.  No Caps on Salary!
  • Generous Commission Paid in Addition to Salary for All Policies Written (whether or not an agent is involved).
  • Unmatched Flexibility of Schedule (Awesome!).  This even includes some optional work-from-home time.
  • While income will vary some because of the commissions and bonuses element.  Based on current levels of production, it is estimated you would earn between 40,000 and 57,000 in your first year of employment.  There are no caps.  Your income will continue to rise as efficiencies increase and book grows..


  • Service accounts associated with the commercial book assigned to you. (Approximately 1/3 of your time).
  • Quote and Write new business coming in.  (Most are internally generated through agency marketing campaigns.  Enough business now we are having a hard time keeping up with it.  Lots of business from referrals.  Most of time will be spent on this.  Still some free time left to work on projects of your choosing.)
  • Free to build your own book of business if you would like to.
  • Prefer to find a person for this role that is NOT the kind of person to just keep their nose down.  Wanting someone that is confident that can be a leader and have a seat on the executive team that is responsible for growth and profits.
  • Provide increasing levels of leadership and management to agents and CSR’s in the commercial division as time goes on.  Of course, your compensation package will encourage and reward this.

Agency Information:

  • Family Owned & Operated.  No outside investors or owners that can treat you like another number.
  • Excellent culture.  Fun, energetic, and everyone sincerely cares about each other.
  • Experiencing serious growth resulting in lots of opportunity for advancement.
  • Very respectable sized commercial book.  Excellent commercial appointments.  Area of fastest growth in the agency.  Main area of focus in agency is the commercial lines division.
  • Extremely Tech-Savvy owners and operators that do everything to make processes and tasks as easy for you as possible.  Received national recognition for innovative use of technology.

Compensation Philosophy:

Other agencies pay just enough to “hire ’em” and then they “squeeze ’em” for everything they can get.  Page isn’t that sort of place.  We love sharing the wealth.  The more you do, the more you make.  Our comp structure automatically encourages and rewards productive results.  There are built in avenues for advancement too.  No more having to beg for a raise.  No more adversarial relationship with employer (where politics and negotiation skills determine what you make).

How to Apply:

Fill out the form below.  If you meet minimum qualification standards, you will be contacted discretely.  (This is to protect you against your employer in case he/she/it is the type to punish you for exploring options.  It’s amazing that employers will stoop so low as to use tactics of intimidation to try and retain its people.)

Application for Commercial Accounts Director Position