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Your relationship with Page Insurance is never taken for granted; we continuously strive to deliver better service to you, whether by internal performance monitoring and employee training, or by improving our product offerings to suit your needs. We get a lot of feedback which tells us that commercial customers, like you, want more of their insurance needs met by us; they’re tired of having to call multiple companies to get things renewed every year, learning how to navigate time consuming and counter intuitive phone trees, not being able to leverage a single call to complete multiple tasks, and never getting in touch with a human being who can actually help them!

We hear you! It’s not enough to have your Commercial property, Commercial Auto, Commercial General Liability and Work Comp needs handled by Page, you want your group health, vision and dental needs met by us as well; you want better protections for you and your employees at lower prices; you want a customized approach to healthcare, that meets your team’s needs in a sensible way, while saving you money and not requiring use of some burdensome and limited provider network outside of which you are penalized on price and hassled like a heretic during the inquisition; you don’t want your insurance company to make you jump through a flaming “Mother, may I?” hoop whenever you need to see a specialist! You want to know that whatever the doc charges will be paid by your carrier, not by you; You want to know that there will not be onerous spillover of bills to bankrupt you and your employees! You simply want insurance your way, on your terms, with the coverages you need, and the assurance that you’re just plain protected, come what may!

For the exciting details here’s a quick video:

Well, Page Insurance is currently delivering just that, right here in Southeast Idaho! We’ve developed strategic relationships with established group health insurance carriers, that are doing group health in a a revolutionary way. It looks, feels, and functions just like the best industry standard plans, the ones you’re already familiar with, but in the background it has advantages that hit you right where it counts; in the coin purse! Of course it’s also more user friendly.

We are signing up groups just like yours, with premiums well below the low-price-leaders, on customize-able group plans, right now! This is NOT one of those “one size fits none” plans! These include your choice of deductibles, out of pocket maximums, co-pays, prescription drug costs, vision, dental, Healthcare Savings Accounts, and more. We’re talking your plan, your way! Plus we have no network restrictions, which means you see any doc you want and the plan pays the bill. We offer the potential savings of being “self funded” (which is also called “level funded”) with with none of the risk, due to the same stop-loss (“catastrophic”) protection of any reputable policy, such as a PPO! This means you benefit by saving on premium, saving potentially thousands more when your team doesn’t need as much service as estimated and held in reserve for them, but that you can’t spend one dime more than your already agreed to, fixed monthly premium. In other words, all the upside, with none of the downside for you and your team! (Self or Level Funded plans are what the big companies do, because it saves them piles of cash. A fortune 50 company would put, for example, $2-$4 million on the line, and hire an insurance carrier to back them up on anything over that limit, and to administer the plan for their employees (issue cards, process claims etc…) so they can stay focused on there own core competency, and don’t have to become health care experts. If their employees use less than the reserved amount, they save all the unused portion, but if they have an unlucky year and more is required to process the claims for their group, they can’t spend one dime more “they are insured!” Now your small Idaho based business can benefit from the same proven strategy, but at a scale more in line with your business.

Some great aspects of this Group Health option are:
  • Fixed Premium: Your premium is fixed for the whole year, the only changes that can happen, are triggered by you, such as when enrollment changes, or you request to change coverages.  In other words you can trigger changes but the carrier can not.
  • Pay only for what you need: You only pay for services that are actually used by you and your team.
  • Stop-Loss is built in: You can’t be required to spend a dime more than your agreed to monthly premium.  This is because claims are paid out of the aggregate limit, a portion of your premium, and once that aggregate limit is met all further claims are paid by the carrier.
  • Stack of Cash Refund Potential: You select a a full or half refund, and then after the policy run out period, all or half of the unused portion of the aggregate limit, is refunded back to you!  However, even if your claims exceed this aggregate limit (say someone is treated for a serious illness) you pay nothing more, your obligation was met in full through your premium payments. [If you choose the full refund you pay a little more up front in fixed monthly premium payments.  If you take a half refund, the carrier shares in the potential upside of any left over funds and therefore can provide a lower fixed monthly premium.  Most employers choose this second option because they want the guaranteed savings with a potential bonus, rather than a higher fixed cost with a higher potential reward.]
  • Financial Security!:  All of this is provided through financially secure carriers who have been doing this for decades.  In fact our flagship Group Health carrier has proven so profitable and successful at this, that they have LOWERED their premiums during the same years everyone else has been raising them out of sight!  2016 alone saw 10-30% premium REDUCTIONS nationwide.
  • No age bands or confusing matrix based pricing: all group members pay the same premium (with of course tiers for including children, spouse and family) this makes your book keeping and premium sharing with staff much easier!
  • No Network Limitations — See the Provider you wish when you wish!
  • Flexible Expense: Employers can pay any portion they choose from 50% to 100% of the fixed monthly premiums; and withholding the remaining portion from payroll.
  • ACA: Fully compliant with all aspects of the Affordable Care Act.
  • You’re in charge: You control these benefits according to your own policies. You are free to include or exclude staff based on weekly hours worked, you can define a 20 hour per week employee as full time, or define a 35 hour per week employee as part time, and by consistently applying your policies across the board, you can remain compliant while providing coverage to all the employees you wish.
  • Easily Manage Harder Cases: Great rates for groups with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, thyroid conditions, anxiety/depression, Diabetes, Smokers. (more difficulty with current cancers (non skin) Hepatitis B&C, HIV, Terminal Illness, Injectables)
  • Quotes in 1-3 days: Most Quotes in 24 hours or less.
  • Idaho is a Hot Market: Some of the best rates for this plan are right here in Idaho, so on price alone this plan is it is killing the old outmoded way of doing healthcare.  In fact Idaho averages near 20% savings over other options!
  • Multiple location and out of state coverage:  The same plan can cover your employees anywhere in the nation.  Have multiple locations, employees out of state?  Let us know!
  • Can do 1099 Groups, Carve Outs, multiple locations, etc…
  • Includes access to Teladoc: Talk with a Doctor anytime anywhere, with prescriptions sent right to your pharmacy, maybe you don’t need that office visit, the cost, the time, the exposure to pathogens, call teladoc and find out.  Get help cheaper, easier and faster.  It’s included!
  • You control the cost and the coverages:  Is it more important to you that your group gets taken care of with little out of pocket expense at the time of service, or that the plan be affordable up front and have some co-pay expenses along the way?  You choose!  With deductibles from $500 to $7150, and adjustable copay and prescription drug costs, with options for vision and dental at rates so low they honestly feel like nothing more than rounding errors on the already affordable premiums.  Often under $20/month.
  • We’re signing up any group of 2 to 200, right now!

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PS: If this all seems a little too good to be true, wait until you see what we actually deliver!

PPS: Chris Horrocks is your main contact for this stuff and he doesn’t bite! (You got to meet him in the video above) He’s just an “insurance nerd” who finds it fun to match people and businesses to the right programs to best protect themselves and their assets. He starts by asking good questions, continues by listening carefully, and only AFTER understanding your unique situation, he finishes by helping you to understand the choices before you, as well as when and where they may or may not fit your needs. Our policy at Page is to never sell insurance that isn’t needed (unhappy customers never refer their friends, and referrals are the life blood of our business!) and to never sell less insurance than is needed to properly protect you. In other words, we strive to protect you appropriately, in whatever aspect of your life or business we are discussing. Insurance can seem complicated, and it often is, but we simplify it for you and help you understand your choices.

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