Bilingual Trucking Agent

Note:  This is a very important position in our company that affords the right person the kind of career and benefits that are very hard to find anywhere else.

Benefits Include:

  • Very Lucrative Compensation
  • Flexible Schedule
  • Dedicated Servicing Support Team/Infrastructure:
    • Don’t get bogged down servicing existing clients.
    • Get help from experienced team on every aspect of keeping clients happy.
  • (WOW! ) Dedicated Sales Support Team/Infrastructure/Strategy/Systems:
    • Dedicated Sales Mentor to help Optimize your results
    • Access to internally generated leads and prospects!  This is huge.
    • Use of proprietary sales processes designed to maximize results.
  • Existing Spanish speaking accounts & momentum.
  • Training in proprietary proven micro-niche market sales strategy.

Power of Renewals:

The most powerful thing about this position is that your income goes up with “renewals.” When you add an account, that account keeps paying you for the life of the account. This means every year you get an automatic raise when the policies you helped sell “renew”. The longer you are in the position, and the more accounts you add, the more you make. Very few sales positions have this huge advantage.

Other Unique Advantages:

  • Proven marketing and sales systems.
  • Underserved niche marketing focus.
  • Growing market (ask me about blue ocean vs red ocean).


  • Speak and Write Spanish and English fluently.
  • Minimum 1 Year Successful Sales Experience.
  • Be driven, dependable, and honest. High School Degree or its equivalent.  (College degree preferred but not absolutely required).
  • Have reliable transportation. Some level of existing networks in Idaho Falls area.
  • *Existing relationships with those in the trucking or construction industry is a plus but not required.

Is this for you?

This my be for you if you’re currently successful in sales but feeling limited by the company, demographic(s) you serve, or products/services you offer.

Job Description:

Please know that this position is for someone that can hustle (in the most positive sense of the word). Your average day will be one full of proactively calling and visiting with people. You won’t be limited to just Spanish speakers but will be expected to really work that demographic. In your daily conversations, you will be helping business owners manage their risk by learning about them and their operations and offering coverage in the form of policies.

The sales process involves contacting people, learning about their companies, gathering information necessary to “quote”, entering this information into a computer, preparing a proposal, and presenting/selling this proposal.

About Page Insurance:

Owned and operated by the Page family. Sid Page, the founder (and my dad), started in insurance over 30 years ago. John and I, a couple of his boys, joined him a bit after 1998 when he started his own independent agency (meaning the agency isn’t limited to just one company). Since then, the company has steadily grown to really be a force for good. We advocate for the insurance shopper in many ways including:

  • Giving shoppers access to companies and products not marketed to general public that often offer better coverage and lower rates than what can be found in general marketplace.
  • Providing nearly all of the services of shopping for and servicing the account long term at no cost to the shopper/client beyond the rates charged by insurance company.
  • Combining the old fashioned values that many corporations have forgotten with new-age technology and service that we have all come to expect.

In addition to revolutionizing HOW insurance is delivered to the general marketplace, the executive team at Page insurance has led the industry in it’s innovative methods of serving the Spanish speaking demographic since 2001.  There is an absolute commitment to providing the best service to this demographic.

Page Insurance understands it is never greater than the people that make it up. This is why careful attention is given to only hire the kind of people that represent the values of the company; primarily folks that live by the Golden Rule.

My role in the company is as the sales and marketing director on the business insurance side of the agency (business liability, business property, workers compensation, etc.). We have a nationally recognized expertise in catering to the Spanish speaking demographic.

How to Apply:

  1. Send an email to me at including: Your resume attached. A brief note on why you think this job might be a good fit for you.
  2. Call and leave a message in the voicemail box of 208-357-4298 and include: Your Name Your Phone Number The Reason Your Leaving the Message

This is a very important position in our company that affords the right person the kind of career and benefits that are very hard to find anywhere else.

Good luck to you!

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