Is Your Hobby Safe?

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We all have hobbies of some sort, from building models to knitting to maintaining the home.

EVERY hobby has inherent risks-many that you may never think of. So, when you set out to work on your hobby this Spring, be aware of a few of the things that could cause you problems down the road like repetitive motion, high force, awkward joint positions, direct pressure on the joint, and prolonged and constrained posture.

Many hobbies require manual dexterity; be careful when using your hands frequently, as overuse can aggravate existing arthritis, cause carpel tunnel syndrome, or cause you to develop tendinitis. Here are a few tips to help you prevent injury and allow you to work longer:

  • Take frequent breaks. Make sure you stop what you are doing and rest for at least a few minutes a couple of times each hour.
  • Listen to your pain. If something starts to hurt, stop what you’re doing. Pain is your body’s way of telling you something is wrong.
  • Stretch. Depending on your hobby, you should stretch different muscles, but make sure the muscles you plan to use are ready to be used-stretch them out before you start.
  • Practice good posture and proper technique. Poor posture and/or technique can lead to injuries down the road, so make sure you are in the most relaxed and comfortable position possible when you start.

Enjoy working on your favorite hobby this Spring, and put yourself in a position to work on it for years to come-be safe and smart and prevent injuries!

P.S.: Remember, proper insurance protection requires constant vigilance. Did you know that 37% of unpaid claims result from perilous GAPS in insurance coverage? Be sure to let us know whenever changes arise in your life.